Euroweek in Spojená škola sv. Josefa


Keric volunteers Ayse, Sabri, César, Mirka and Salla were visiting Spojená škola sv. Josefa, a school for children with special needs in Turzovka on Monday 15.4.2019. The school is a Catholic school for children who are mentally disabled. Some of the students also live in the same building because of parents' social problems. The difference to other schools is that the rhythm of the lessons is slower and they don't study any foreign languages.

The visit started with presentations of the countries the volunteers are from: Turkey, France, Spain, and Finland. The children enjoyed a lot especially when they saw pictures of food or animals. The teachers were translating our speech to the children. After the presentations, the volunteers went to the classrooms to do activities with the students. Ayse and Mirka were doing Easter handcrafts, Salla was painting and Sabri played football. Outside of the school there's a beautiful garden where they grow vegetables and flowers. The students take care of the garden together with the teachers.

The rest of the day we spent outside playing with children, swinging, biking and learning how to make a traditional Easter whip called korbáč, a special tool what boys use to whip girls on Easter Monday.





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